AS “mogo” audited annual report for 2014

AS “mogo” concludes year 2014 with a net profit of 0.54 million euro

2014 was a period of very rapid growth for the Company. Total assets of the Company grew up to 28 million euro, turnover reached 5.8 million euro, EBITDA 2.4 million euro, and net profit of the Company reached 0.54 million euro.

In September 2014 the Company increased its share capital to 5 million euro to strengthen its financial and long-term value. At the end of December 2014 gross value of the lease portfolio reached 22.5 million euro (204% growth in comparison with year 2013).

On 17 March 2014 the Company registered a bond emission for a total amount of 20 million euro at Latvian Central Depository in order to raise additional capital, and on 11 November 2014 the Company included these bonds in Nasdaq Baltic Stock Exchange Debt Security listing, where they are available for public trade. By 8 April 2015 the Company has issued the maximum number of securities 20 000 at the nominal value EUR 1 000 for the total amount of EUR 20 000 000.

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